Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Trivial post on people I find fit.

Whenever I'm down or when I'm happy or actually in any state at all, I like to reflect on those fortunate people in life who have been blessed with godly (and ungodly) looks. Those people who automatically make you feel depressed yet exhilirated at the same time.. just by looking at their face. Everyone has a different perspective on beauty but there are some people who you cannot just argue are ugly. This is a very shallow, trivial, unmeaningful post but one I have been tempted to make for a while.
So, here it is. People whose face (and body) I am in love with.
1) Frank Iero.
2) Gerard Way
3) Mikey Way
4) Ray Toro
5) Evan Peters

6) Billy Martin

7) Oli Sykes
8) Johnny Depp

9) Jensen Ackles

10) Jared Padalecki

11) Ryan Kwanten

12) Chris Hemsworth

13) Rupert Grint
14) Heath Ledger
15) Aaron Johnson
16) Chris Pine

17) Torres
And so many , many more.

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