Sunday, 8 January 2012

Family secrets.

So, yesterday we had a family gathering on my dad's side of the family, the Gausden side. It's sucha big family that when we all get together, it's craziness.
Secrets came out yesterday that I didn't know about and I'm sure other members of my family didn't. I am continually surprised at how many things a family can cover up. Like the time I discovered a first cousin I had that no one told me about or my cousins. And some family members didn't even know about him. You watch all these programmes on TV about family dramas and think how unrealistic they are or how normal your family is compared to them but when it comes down to it, you'd be surprised at how much you don't know.
What seems like a family perfect is not the same behind closed doors. Arguments no one knows about, surprise divorces, strange reactions to innocent comments, drunken revelations. These things do happen, even if you're not aware of them
Of course, every family is different and I'm sure there are families that are more or less straight edge.
As I get older and I'm revealed more and more family secrets, I wonder if I'm mature enough to handle these things. So far, so good but one day, I'm going to hear something I don't like.

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