Sunday, 17 July 2011

Love. Loathe. Repeat.

Harry Potter

So I've just been to see Harry Potter with my best friend. We cried pretty much the whole way through but seeing Rupert Grint topless in 3D did ease the pain somewhat.


I just realised for anyone who wants to read this (if anyone) then I should say something about myself.
I'm Grace G. 18. Just left college, praying I don't have to go back next year. I love music, it encapsulates my life. Rock music especially, I am in love with MCR. Like, seriously. I love my baby boys, Buster and Treacle, the best cats a girl could have! I also have the most retarded friends in the world who I love more than anything.
This is me and Oli Sykes from BMTH, one of my favourite photos ever.

This is my new blog.

So I haven't done this before but I aim to use this blog as almost a diary like thing to get shit off my mind. We'll see how this works out then...