Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Second year and reflection.

 So, I've started the second year of university. I have to say over summer I hadn't thought about it much, didn't really consider the implications of passing my first year...
 As soon as we got back it was really nice to just reconnect with my friends and experience the fun of living in a house together and the benefits that can provide.
 (the girls I'm living with)
 Already I've had an argument with arguably one of my closest friends here after a drunken night out in which she decided to yell abuse at me. It was all resolved but not as quickly and neatly as I would have liked. It would be naive of me to expect freshers week to go untarnished. It had been amazing up until that point... 8 nights out in a row, working as a 'Freshers' Angel' (which involved looking after the first years of the halls I used to live in) and generally getting drunk with my friends. Dressing up is not my strong point but I have to say I did have some fun with it...
 Lectures then started in the second week and it all got so intense, so fast. Over summer, I've almost forgotten how to write let alone remember how to focus in concentrated periods of time. It's taken a bit of getting used to. And of course, it is now second year so everything is twice as hard with twice as much work to do. I have 3 9am starts this year compared to the measly one last year and as anyone who knows me at all will know I do NOT do early starts. It is probably one of my weakest points. Early mornings and me will NEVER be friends. Work has already been set, assignments already being discussed, the work that is needed to be done to get a good grade this year drilled into my brain. 
 I have had some time to reflect on this year and last year and panic is beginning to set in. Lacking motivation is something that is quite common amongst my traits and is a real problem I aim to overcome. I can get bursts of intense work ethic but the majority of the time is an up hill struggle. It's not that I don't enjoy what I'm studying, I do. It's just there is so much more fun to be had! Again, anyone who remotely knows me knows that partying is my favourite hobby.
 (Me at my drunken best)
 However, once me and my friend made up we did have Freshers' Ball to look forward to.  Professor Green is my boy! And Kids in Glass Houses' were sick! That's my kind of university experience... 
 Thinking back over summer, I had it relatively easy and even though you cannot exactly call going to university the hard life, it certainly is hard work. Though compared to some of my friends heavy work loads, I can't complain.
 I'm hoping that this year will be a success at the end. I know it won't be easy and there will definitely be times of struggle but in the end it will all be worth it.
Cheers to that.