Saturday, 8 December 2012

Bitchy girls and overdramatics.

 Continuing on from my last post's themes, I thought I'd dedicate this post to more personal experiences...
 I am currently living in a house with 6 other girls at university. Now, this does have it's benefits, let's not get that wrong, I mean, there's usually someone around and there is plenty of other people to talk to if you are avoiding one of them.
 However, sadly, I am here to talk of the downfalls of living with girls and well, girls in general. I recently had a catch up with one of my best friends from home who commented that "no-one will ever match the friends we have at home." And sadly, this is something I consider to be, on the whole, the truth. The friendship group we have at home is remarkable; we spend the whole time laughing our heads off at each other's stories, jokes and general taking the absolute piss out of each other.
 At university, most of the girls can't handle having the piss being taken out of them and get offended at the slightest joke that would mark their otherwise perfect exterior. If you said, as a joke, "you've got more chins that a chinese phonebook" (which let's face it, is hilarious), they would give you an icy stare and instantly start examining themselves in the mirror before declaring "that was SO unnecessary."
 I have to watch what I'm saying half the time in case it would hurt someone's feelings or they wouldn't understand. This isn't everyone and this isn't constant but it's a fair bit of the time. I would never have to worry about ANY of that with my friends at home. Some people would argue it's a matter of how long you've known each other; I disagree. I've know them for almost a year and a half now, plenty of time. Plus, there are some of my more special friends here who have been able to take the banter from day one.
 The dramatics, as well, can get very tiresome. Everyone talking about someone to someone else and analysing every single look, action and word. It's ridiculous and too time consuming. People are declaring "there will be drama tonight," making it almost happen from their very words.
 I don't understand why this has to be the case. Can't we all just avoid the people as best as we can that we don't get on with? 
 Girls will lose too much time in life bitching about other girls and worrying about what other people have said about them. Life's too short.