Wednesday, 6 March 2013

More upbeat.

 Well, I certainly left you all on a depressing note, didn't I?! Apologies for my absence, it really has been a busy couple of months. Back at university and things were looking up after I left you. I've ditched the people I needed to ditch and grew closer to those who supported me. I have managed to escape the confines of Reading multiple times, to Plymouth, to Nottingham and to home twice. The second time, which is where I currently am, is quite by accident and through no fault of my own. 
 My idiot friend, who I have recently reconnected with, which up to this point had been LOVELY, accidentally headbutted me on a night out and broke my nose. Yes, my nose is broken. He is an absolute pillock. I currently have to wear the most unflattering nose splint/cast known to man and have holed myself up at home in Eastbourne in an attempt to avoid everyone and anyone. So far, so good. Tomorrow, I may have to venture outside the confines of my home though and this is, I can tell, going to be HIGHLY embarassing. What makes it worse is the consistent asking of me to send everyone a picture of firstly, my nose when it was broken and secondly, of it in a cast. WHY WOULD I DO THAT, WHY WOULD I LET YOU RELEASE IT ONTO SOCIAL MEDIA?! Idiots. That's all I can say.
 Anyway, onto more, less painful, topic of conversation. Two of my friends (who do not know I have a blog or if they do, I do not know they know) have written recently about their musings and ideas on friendship. I, in the past, on here, have also written about my friends and how much they mean to me and just wish to reiterate this fact. I literally could not have asked for a better group of friends, ever. They keep me going and keep me (in) sane. I love them to death and honestly do not know any other friendship group that works the way that we do, shares as much as we do with one another and makes each other laugh as much as we do. Laughter is key, no matter how down you are, how much you are failing in other areas of your life, if they can make you cry with laughter for a couple of hours, you will instantly feel your faith in the world be renewed. I know that I do.