Wednesday, 20 June 2012

First year at uni.

Wow, where to start?! Your first year at university is probably one of the biggest years of your life. For most people it is the year you leave your parents and home, the time to gain your independence. I was so worried before starting Reading University; worried people would hate me, I wouldn't fit in, that I would miss my friends and family, that I couldn't cope living by myself, that uni life wasn't for me, that I would actually end up hating my course, that I'd be lonely. Turns out I didn't have much to worry about. Like everything, university has had its ups and downs. 
The ups are that I met the most amazing people, many of them I hope to be life-long friends, I partied all year long, I enjoyed my course, I loved my accommodation and the people in it and I enjoyed my independence. Of course, there were wobbles when I felt low and wanted my family but I believe that happens to everyone!
(Some of my uni buds on my birthday)

To end the year, we had summer ball which was probably one of the best nights of my life. We danced all night long, without a care in the world and just living the high life.
The before and after pictures are quite a sight so I shall share them with you.
Quite the transformation.
Summer ball summed up pretty much how I felt the first year of uni went, PARTY WITH FRIENDS.
There have been many an argument this year, lots of drunken crying and drunken laughing; break-ups and make-ups but I think it's made us all stronger and better friends.
All I can hope is that I pass this year of uni (unlikely), have an awesome summer and hopefully a smashing second year!
Reading University, I love you.