Monday, 9 January 2012

"Life is too short" It is but I can't help bloody worrying.

I like to think I live by the expressions "life is too short", "carpe diem," "no regrets" and such things but sometimes I just can't help but panic about things. For example, trying to sort out accomodation for uni next year is becoming such a hassle. Friends you wanna all live with but who don't know each other or don't get along or there's too many people then not enough. Sigh. I get easily worried about things but since uni I've calmed down alot but now I'm back at home, I feel automatically more stressed out. I'm not sure why.
I do live my life how I want and do what I want (with certain limits). I am terrible at tolerating people I don't like, I really have no patience for people who piss me off or are patronising (which to be fair isn't many).
My question here really is will I ever be able to accept that worrying about things does not bring solutions or am I doomed to be constantly anxious?!

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