Sunday, 29 January 2012

It's not alcoholism.

I've been thinking recently about the amount of alcohol I and many others consume as your stereotypical teenager. Obviously, everyone is different but myself and friends of mine and alot of people I know are big drinkers and drink alot of alcohol every week. This is sometimes seen as the norm and other times seen as a big problem. I, personally, enjoy drinking and alcohol much more than I probably should. I get bored in a week if I can't have a drink and go out, party and do stupid/fun things. Sometimes, situations arise because of this that aren't great but that is the risk you take when you choose to live your life like this. Being at uni is seen as a great oppurtunity to do whatever you want and drinking is seen as a big part of this. And it is true. I drink alot more than I used to but that is saying something as I used to drink alot at home, also.
Now, this doesn't make us alcoholics but clearly there are many dangers with this. I'm the last person to preach or make a change but my drinking has got out of hand before. I wonder now where the line is drawn between a serious problem and just having fun.
This weekend, for example, I properly encountered my first drunk aggressive male. I went back to a friends after an awesome night out and instead I met his friend who slapped me in the face and as I drunkenly went to retaliate, he snapped and said some very nasty things to me. He then drunkenly apologised and I drunkenly accepted but I still haven't had the best weekend because of it.
I am now wondering, whether I'll be able to stop going out and getting so drunk because of it. I want to try. Feeling shit over something like that isn't worth it but is unavoidable.

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