Tuesday, 3 January 2012


After writing all these things, I wanna share abit more about myself (so egoistical). I'm studying English at uni. I really need to motivate myself more to work, I'm one of those people who constantly needs someone to be like, "come on, you can do this," because quite frankly, I have no hope in hell of doing it myself.
Since being back in my home town of Eastbourne, in the month off from uni, I got back to my roots somewhat and appreciate what I have in my life here so much more. Even my not so glamorous job at a nursing home. I love that I'm near the countryside and that I have the best friends here in the whole wide world who tell me straight away when I'm being a bitch and a disgrace. They are equally as strange as myself and I trust them with the most obscure things. I have time to myself and reconnect with my teenage life. Especially the music.
I go through fazes of downloading hundreds of songs at a time then not for ages and just listening to my thousands of songs from years before. I adore letlive. at the moment and would recommend them to anyone reading.
I believe there is a song out there for every situation and that the best therapy is a melody. My parents brought me up on good music, especially my mother. She knows a tune when she hears one. I've never been gifted musically but have always wanted a career involving it. God knows what I'll turn out to be...
I've realised my blog posts are a random collection of sentences, tenuously strung together to make some sort of legible reading. And for that, I apologise. I intend to make the next one much better constructed.

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