Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Throughout my time in life, I have done more than a handful of embarassing, shameful, cringy things. Some I have never shared with anyone, others with my closest friends and some (unfortunately) everyone knows. We've all had these moments when something awful happens, whatever the reason and then everyone finds out or has seen.
Alot of these moments have happened to me when drunk. With *cough* other people or just creating a scene by myself. One of these moments happened to me this NYE and despite my decision not to have any NY resolutions, I then made one, that night.
I must stop getting so crazy and doing stupid things when on a night out or just in general. I lived out my last year's resolution to do everything and live life to the full. But I know now that doesn't necessarily mean getting drunk all the time and generally doing cringy things. I have a guy that actually liked me but because of my drunken actions with someone else, I doubt that had he known he would of no longer been interested. And that upsets me.
SO, 2012 will be the year of fun. Yes, I will drink and go out but I won't be doing things I regret, I won't be messing people around and I will respect everyone else.
This year, I will do what I can to be a better person.
Preaching done.
I will leave you with this drunken picture.

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