Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Back at uni.

So I'm back at uni, have been for only two days and already the drama has started. One night out and a new set of memories. Already my friend has ended it with the guy she was seeing, with endless crying, my flatmates have been getting it on with each other and new guys have arrived on the scene.
One drunken evening can make it seem like you've been back at uni for a week. My NYE resolution has stood up so far so I'm happy: no shameful activities thus far. Apart from defacing my flatmates room when he accidentally left it open after going out for a night. (All in good fun mwaha)
Waking up this morning (with a fresh hangover), one of my friends was in A & E, one of them was crying their eyes out about last night and the others were laughing hysterically at our antics i.e. getting with my female flatmate to make a guy jealous. Which worked if you were wondering...
Leaving home to come back to uni was stressful, I didn't wanna leave my friends and family but being back reminds me of the fun there is to be had here.
We live in our own little world here, in which we only travel to campus and to town. Everyone is so involved with each other here, it is easy to forget the "outside" world. And then you can get a shocking reminder that there is a world outside of university and suddenly you're not sure what is reality.
(A picture of happy, drunken, uni times)

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