Thursday, 5 January 2012

But I don't wanna grow up...

As we get older, the implication from most is that we should become more mature. As an 18 (almost 19) year old, I can safely say that is not the case.
I went to the pantomime today, just me and my best friend. We laughed ridiculous amounts both at the adult innuendos yet also at the hilarious childish jokes. I've often been told I'm immature or have a silly sense of humour but at the end of the day, who cares?!
One of my other best friends has recently acquired her first serious boyfriend. It has become very intense very fast and I feel like I hardly see her, especially as we're at separate unis. It feels like she can makes hours of time for him but not a minute for me. That may be unfair as she is falling in love but still. I, personally, will never want to be the person who ditches their best friends (who act like 7 year olds together and love it) for a mature relationship. Not for another couple of years anyway...
Me and my best friends pull funny faces, have stupid, petty arguments like kids and laugh hysterically at the most immature, childish things yet I love it. We enjoy ourselves and act how we want. This may seem irresponsible but as long as we're not killing one another or anyone else, I don't seem the harm in having a little bit of fun. No matter how old you are. Age is just a number after all.

Like Peter Pan, I don't wanna grow up. I like how I am. It's just knowing that one scary day, I might actually have to.

(This is two of my best friends after a drunken night out doing what we do best)

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