Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Let's talk about boys. (and girls)

That sounds patronising, unintentionally. But let's talk about boys.
I'm that girl who's never been in a serious relationship or what you could even call a relationship. I am seriously just not interested in it. I've often thought there is something wrong with me, I mean every girl longs for a relationship, right?! Not me. Sometimes I think I do but as soon as I consider it in detail, I change my mind. A couple of times, I've thought I'm asexual, then I see a gorgeous boy and I'm like no way. Or even a gorgeous girl... (occassionally.)
I find it really ridiculous how when I like a guy then he starts to like me, I immediately go off of him. What is up with that?! He could be the best guy in the world but as soon as his affection starts to show, I'm off like a shot. Not that there's been that many guys to be honest.
One guy (who I adored) asked me if I wanted a relationship because he was so confused by me and I had to say straight to his face, "no." I completely regret it now but he has a new girlfriend, who seems so lovely and pretty and perfect.
I'm not sure if it's just me and I get bored easily or if I seriously need to sort myself out and break through the awkwardness.
I'm sure, however, if there were some guys who offered me love, I just couldn't turn it down...

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