Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Update after the last post: me and the girl are all cool. I'm still the only one who has apologised and she accepted it so that is that. It's time to move on and concentrate on more important things. Had an awesome week after that, saw We Are The Ocean, caught the drummer's drumstick, went out and had the best time at the union on saturday and chilled with my girls on sunday. Now it's the week after and uni work is beginning to kick in. I really am one of the less motivated, students and am not doing particularly brilliantly thus far. I try so hard to concentrate but my brain literally always wanders onto something else and it's so fricking annoying. Yes, I got into uni but that took bloody effort and tons of luck. MASSIVE STRESS. Also trying to sort out a flipping house for next year is tense times.
Anyway, I wanted to talk about what I have come to realise about bitchiness and bitches. There are some girls, I hate to say it, who we all agree on, are bitches. There's no way around it, no good thing we can see that they have done ever in their lives. Obviously, everyone acts like a bitch and bitches sometimes (or alot of the time) but that doesn't make them a bitch. Some people, however, seem to have it engrained into their soul that they must be horrible to everyone else to make themselves feel and look better to other people. And it's stupid. Being at uni, I have chilled out quite alot and despite the past incident, I do feel like I've matured and got over alot of stupid, childish, bitchy things. If I've got something to say, you'll hear it to your face and we will talk it out. I can't be doing with behind the back drama. It's too much nowadays.
There aren't many girls at uni like that but I am still aware of some people who thrive on drama and bitchiness. It's pathetic. All everyone should want in life is to be happy and I can't see how making other people feel bad can make you feel better.
Fair enough, I think that the people doing the bitching deserve abit of karma but they might learn from that.
More drama to add is my ridiculous drunken texting and calling. It is getting severely cringy yet after a couple of drinks I can't seem to help myself. I am embarassing myself and generally being a prat. Thus is my life.
This is me as a cat. One of my less shameful antics.

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