Friday, 4 May 2012

It's all okay... for now.

I had a shit week last week as you will know if you read my blog. You will also know, if you read my blog, that I believe in having good weeks and bad weeks. That was definitely a bad week and so far this week has been shaping up to be a good week. It's funny how these things work.
I came back to university on the monday, absolutely dreading it. I didn't want to face the people I was angry and upset with because I felt like they weren't there for me but I also didn't want to spend my time alone. So I decided to go and stay with one of my best friends at her university in London. Great idea. 
We went to a cocktail bar and got tipsy, had late night pizza, gossiped for hours on end and discussed the problems each of us were having and how we felt we needed to deal with it. She was a brilliant hostess and gave me fantastic advice, as always. The next day we went to a gorgeous ice cream cafe and that just topped off a fantastic trip.
I then, however, had to return to Reading. As soon as I got back, I made plans to watch one of my favourite films 'Scream' with my flatmate and stock up on chocolate and crisps. A perfect evening in.  The friend I had been upset/annoyed with then text me asking me to come and talk to her. I did and we spoke about how we were feeling and made up, planning to go out later that week and get drunk. And that we did. It was an awesome night and was 100% free of drama or tension. Just what I needed.
I have always made headway on revision (shock) and saw the Avengers (best film ever) to lift my spirits even further. To add a cherry on top, my best friend is going to come and stay with me this weekend in Reading and I CAN'T WAIT.
Clearly, every week can't be a good week but when you are fortunate enough to get one. ENJOY IT.
It's all good, for now.

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