Friday, 27 April 2012

Worst week ever.

Not to be dramatic, but I've had the worst week ever.
It started off with the previously mentioned bitchy comment then turned into something much bigger. When you are in a bad mood, everything begins to get to you.
So, tuesday I felt awful, worked all day trying to get essays done, stressing myself out about that and feeling genuinely worthless. I then proceeded to have a lack of support from my supposed friends, which was even worse.
Wednesday started off okay and wasn't too bad but had to come back home in the evening because of my flatmate needing an ambulance, not great.
Thursday was the worst. I was hungover to start, had to get up early and get caught in the onslaught of rain. It then turned out that the person who was meant to be my best friend at uni's flatmates told him they were annoyed at me being there all the time coz i was too late or something just as shit. He found it funny and didn't care that I was away this weekend and was upset. 
I told my other 'friends' at university and they also just wanted to talk about themselves which wasn't great. I felt so alone. I got on the train home, great relief in my heart, to be told as soon as I get back that my great uncle died the day before. 
The whole family is in shock as it was not an expected death at all, he wasn't even ill. So that added to the level of shitness that is my life. I've spoken to my real friends and they've made me feel better but I can't see them. I realise how much I miss them and need them. 
They say it can only get better but I'll believe that when I see it.
In the mean time, a picture of me and my bestest buddies.

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