Thursday, 12 April 2012

Is this real life or is it just fantasy?

I'm one of those people who lives half of my life in a dream world, a fantasy. I've always had very vivid, interesting, complicated dreams that I always remember the next day and as they often contain people I know, I bring them into the real world with me and relay them back to my friends, asking what they mean and how strange it was that a certain person did that in my dream or popped up. I love dreaming as it gives me an escape from reality. As, to be honest, reality isn't always that great.
Sometimes, I wish I could mould my own life, determine what imaginative things happen, what handsome men I meet, what adventures I go on. But then, what's life if not a surprise? That's the fun part: the not knowing.
I love films, always have, always will. I like every genre and can easily immerse myself into someone else's life or a make-believe world. I often wish I knew a character or lived in a magical land but that's just not going to happen. I dream in desire of fantasy things.
I know that these things aren't real and fantasies of a different land won't come true but it won't stop me wishing. I just need my reality to become magical.

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