Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Exam stress.

It is has come to that time of year again when exams are all that anybody can think/talk about. The time when everyone is snapping at one another because they are so stressed, either locking themselves in their rooms or the library to study as much as their brains will allow. Some people do stress themselves out so much they become ill and some people don't seem to care at all.
This year, it's university level exams, much more scary and I've found myself living on energy drinks and spending hours in the library. Yet, this year, I have made time so that I can have a break. I have watched a TV programme on iPlayer, gone for a walk with a friend and even had the occasional night out. If I didn't, I think I would have gone crazy (crazier) by now.
The amount of pressure you feel to get it right is immense. People tend to punish themselves if they don't revise for over 4 hours a day or panic and swear they're never going to stop revising until it has all sunk in.
However, what I have noticed, is it at university, revision is less lonely. You can revise in the library surrounded by people, not talking, but it's just nice knowing they're there. That may sound mad but I hate revising in my room all alone. I feel secluded. 
Revision is a pain in the ass, but hopefully it will be all worth it. This is a short post as I've got revising to do (ha) so good luck to all those taking exams and then we can PARTY!

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