Thursday, 8 November 2012


 I've never really thought of myself as a jealous person... because in comparison to many people I am not. However, sometimes, I cannot help myself being overwhelmed by it. It's an ugly, ugly emotion but one that will not go away just by willing it too.
 For example, I am so so happy and grateful I have the group of friends I do. Truly I am. But sometimes, here at university, people I consider my friends, people who have met each other through me, I feel almost jealous that they become friends in their own right. This isn't a common thing and it certainly isn't in many cases at all. But when two of your best friends start seeing each other without you, you can't help but feel a sense of jealousy and loneliness, "why wasn't I invited?" Thing is, you can't say this to someone. It just sounds so petty and childish. Because it is. It's not that they like you any less, they just begin to like someone more. However, I cannot rationalise that to my own head. I keep telling myself stop this. Time wasting. I KNOW I'm being ridiculous but I also know I can't help myself.

 (Completely irrelevant but also always relevant picture of Evan Peters being ridiculously beautiful as always)

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