Monday, 17 September 2012

Summer 2012

 Summer's over for most and almost over for me. What can I say... 2012 you have given me a GREAT summer. It's been one of the best if not THE best as far as I'm concerned.
 It started off with the glorious reuniting of the Eastbourne friends. 
I literally love these people SO MUCH. My friends are the best. 
 And then I jetted away to sunny Menorca (I think, could be Majorca but pretty sure Menorca) with ye olde parents. Sun, sun, sun, burn, burn, burn. All very fun and lovely. (I didn't take any pictures there, I'm an idiot.)
 I worked quite alot over summer at the joyous nursing home where the threat of catching MRSA plagues me daily. I can't complain though, I need money (even if it's not much) and life skills as my mum would say. She needs to stop saying that though, not everything is a 'life skill'. 
 I literally look like THE biggest turd in my work uniform and have unfortunately had the misfortune of encountering people I know in it who often laugh or take a picture before I can stop them to shame me with. Brilliant.
 This summer I also rejoined the gym which was ambitious to say the least. But I have been going and feeling much better for it. However, I do believe I have been eating more to compensate. Well, you win some, you lose some.
 I went to a mini festival which turned out to be great fun; I had sequin stars glued onto my eyebrows which pulled out half of them when I tried to remove the stars and glitter showered upon me (not too bad). See above for photo evidence.
 Reading festival 2012 also occurred which was it's usual, lovely self. Festivals make a summer.
 (Even if you do end up looking like this.)
 The majority of my time, however, was spent with my best friends getting drunk and having our usual 'messy' monday out and recovering in the park the following day, having drinks and bitching about everyone we know at each other's houses and generally spending as much time as possible together. 
 My cousin got married this year and I have to say the wedding was gorgeous. It was like walking into the film 'Alice in Wonderland'. I've barely been to any weddings and to go to one as beautiful as this made me all lovey-dovey. By myself, of course. If there is someone, I'm sure you'll hear about it.
(Splashed out on this dress [far left] but it's a wedding so it doesn't count, right?!)
The wedding ^^^
 So, that pretty much covers my summer. It's been amazing and everyone that's been part of it is amazing.

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