Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Summer of 2013. An appreciation.

 Well, it sure has been a good old while since I've blogged. Life takes over, as it usually does and blogging has been put to the sidelines.
 However, I think now is a good a time as any to start it up again. As summer is drawing to a close and all my friends are heading back to university, I've been reflecting on what has been yet another brilliant summer. It goes on a bloody long time (4 months!) but that just means there is more time to spend with my friends. Those friends are what I wish to write about.
 I am utterly blessed with my friendship group. I know it, they know it and we have all had comments on how unique our group is because of our closeness and the way we are around one another. Not many people have the bond that we do or understand quite how close we are. 
 We take the absolute piss out of each other 24/7 and embarrass one another constantly. We can say what we like to one another; reveal our deepest secrets, tell one another to shut the fuck up when it needs to be said and generally have the best time ever. I laugh every second I'm with them; each member of the group bringing their own unique sense of humour and take on life.
 One reason I can stand being home for such long periods of time is because I know they are there and we will go out, get off our faces, do stupid things then meet up hungover the next day to discuss events and take the piss out of each other for things that seemed good at the time but of course were not. 
 Aside from being the funniest people ever, they are kind, generous and generally there for me any time I need them. Without them I wouldn't be who I am and would generally be lost. They give me the confidence every day to be myself, act like the prat I am, wear what I want, say what I want and to never care what anyone else thinks because no one else knows me like they do.
 This is a very gushy post and I know if they read it, they would take the piss at the same time as giving me a massive hug. I look forward to seeing them every day and never, ever get bored of their company. 
 We're all going to be together in Plymouth for one of my friend's 21st birthday and this will probably be the second time we'll all be together at someone's university for the weekend. I am beyond excited and as a fun addition I'm bringing my best friend from my university too so that he can get to know my friends like I do and therefore understand me a bit better. 

 These are just some snapshots of what's been an incredible summer. Reading festival was eventful but also one of the most amazing weekends of my life. Nothing gets better really than getting drunk with your best friends and watching some amazing bands.
 Anyway, this has been a long, muddled post. Forgive me, next time I'll try and write more concisely. That's me done for now.

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